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Now what?

    This website is dedicated to a military officer and doctor who was wrongly convicted of a crime he only sought to prevent.

This site was created and is sponsored by the many friends of Dr. Parker.


Dr. L. Joseph Parker came from humble beginnings in northwest Arkansas.

He served first in the US Marine Corps and then the US Air Force.

As a USAF officer he was accepted into medical school at the Mayo Clinic.

He received unsolicited pornographic email images that appeared to be of children.

He contacted the Rochester, MN FBI and reported the images.

He helped to set up a sting operation to try and catch the pedophile.

Since he was moving to Arkansas, he was told to contact Little Rock FBI.

LR FBI told him to bring pictures by "when you get a chance."

US Customs bust of child pornographer revealed old images sent to Dr. Parker.

He was contacted by Customs and immediately told them he had the images.

Dr. Parker offered to turn files over to Customs instead of FBI.

He told them about contacting Little Rock FBI, but FBI denied hearing from him.

US Customs assumed he was lying and seized his computer.

He was charged with possession of child pornography.

Dr. Parker was suspended from residency.

He filed motions for release of files supporting his involvement with FBI in Minnesota and Little Rock.

The government said they had "no such records."

He was offered a plea bargain but refused to compromise his integrity.

He was convicted of a single count of possession of illegal images.

Defense investigator later found government documents supporting everything Dr. Parker had said about reporting images and assisting the FBI.

Already in prison, he struggled to get a new trial. Every motion was either denied or simply ignored - one for over two years.

Sentencing guidelines used to increase his sentence were ruled unconstitutional, but the ruling came after Dr. Parker served an additional 40 months in prison.

While incarcerated he taught high school classes, patented a medical device, kept up with medical advancements and became a model prisoner.

Dr. Parker was a Captain in the United States Air Force.  A review of his case during a military hearing where the previously withheld evidence was presented resulted in Dr. Parker receiving a general discharge under Honorable conditions.  We can find no other case in the history of the United States where a military officer was granted a discharge under honorable conditions while in prison.

A government psychiatrist found him to be completely normal with no recommendations for therapy or treatment.

Dr. Parker was released after serving 49 months in custody.

A forensic psychiatrist evaluated Dr. Parker and wrote that he "fully supports his request for renewal of his medical license."

After a complete review of his case, the state medical board voted unanimously to return his license to practice without restriction.

Thanks to a majority of the citizens of Arkansas putting reason and compassion ahead of blind reaction, Dr. Parker and his family have since been able to rebuild their lives.  He has spent thousands of hours in the Emergency Room and Urgent Care setting, achieving the position of Director of Emergency Medicine and Trauma at an Arkansas Hospital as well as Vice Chief of Staff.  He is now in private practice and is loved by his patients and the community.