The Tragedy and False Imprisonment of a Military Officer and Doctor

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            The Actual Records, Transcripts and Evidence

The Undisputed Facts

Dr Lonnie Joseph Parker was a decorated Marine and Air Force Officer.

He was selected to have command and control of nuclear weapons after passing a Specialized Background Investigation by the FBI.

He was selected as one of 40 out of over 5000 applicants to attend the prestigious Mayo Medical School.

While in medical school he became aware of an image of what appeared to him to be a child being harmed.

He immediately contacted the FBI in Rochester MN who directed him to the Minneapolis Office

He contacted the office in Minneapolis multiple times as proven by his telephone records and was asked to help them catch an individual that was harming children.

After helping the FBI with this sting operation and since he was graduating he was instructed to make the evidence he had available to the FBI in Little Rock, Arkansas where he would be training in Emergency Medicine

He contacted the FBI in Little Rock and was told to bring in the evidence "when he got a chance."

US Customs agents then came to his work place and asked him if he had ever been sent images of children being harmed.  He told them the absolute truth as related above.

US Customs refused to believe him and charged him with possession of child pornography saying "the FBI has never heard of you."

The FBI refused to discuss the matter with Dr Parker or his attorney, and refused to turn over any records.

Dr Parker was convicted and sent to prison.

Evidence proving he had contacted the FBI was found while Dr Parker was in prison.

Federal authorities refused to release him and he spent four years in federal prison.

To this day he continues to work toward clearing his name.  He remains the only military officer in the history of the United States to receive a discharge under honorable conditions while in prison. 

Read the Arkansas Times investigative report, the trial transcripts and the sentencing transcripts to the right.